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     Mario Bros. Classic Serie is a first-party Germany, France and Netherlands only release.  Thank Nintendo for screwing up Mario Bros. the first time and redoing it for a select group of Europeans.  Seriously, I would have probably played Mario Bros. a lot more had this version been released in the States.  Alright, let's just jump straight into this bad-boy because I'm deathly afraid of 'The Big N'.  I got no problem releasing the average game to the public, unless it is programmed and produced by Nintendo...  N, if you read this, I'm only keeping the link alive for 2 weeks.

     Alrighty, there are loads of differences between this release and the one released to America, Japan, Europe, and Australia.  First let's get into the general differences.

- Everything is faster.
- Sprites don't disappear on pause.
- Fireballs are HUGE.
- Enemy intro screens.
- Pipes are different.
- Ability to jump in multiple directions.
- Bleep on title-screen.
- Icicles. ()
- When coins get sucked down the drain, they're gone.
- More levels.

     Now, here are the differences in enemies, regular and classic:


     Also, a different bonus stage is included in the Classic Serie version.  You are shown where the floor is, then when it's time to start collecting coins, the floor disappears.  It's not really a challenge other than jumping at the right moments in time.  The floor isn't any different than the 20 levels you played before you reached this bonus stage.

Different Bonus Stage

     Mario Bros. Classic Serie goes up to level 99.  I ofcourse stopped at level 40 because I have a problem with monotony.  Don't let my issues get in the way of you playing this wonderful remake.  Better yet, BUY THE CARTRIDGE, *nudging Nintendo*.

     Thanks Ace, Thanks kev.


     Here is a little extra somethin'-somethin' for your patronage.